Common Area Rules

Ko Olina House Rules (download pdf)


AOAO Ko Olina Hillside Villas Recreational Facility



The Recreational Facilities area, which is located in the common area of the Project and is designated on the Condominium Map, is scheduled to consist of one (1) swimming pool, cabana(s), a multipurpose building, pool deck and barbeque facilities. The following are general rules applicable to the Recreational Facilities area; however, additional rules may be adopted by the Board and enforced by the Managing Agent:


1.   The Recreational Facilities area is for the exclusive use of all Owners, Occupants and their Guests. Proper identification must be presented to security or management personnel upon request.


2.   Personal furniture, other than that provided by the Association, shall not be used in the Recreational Facilities area. Association-provided furniture, accessories and equipment shall not be removed from those areas. Persons who use this area are responsible for the removal of all articles brought there by them, including towels, books and magazines, food and beverages, and related debris and trash.


3.   Running, horseplay, loud noises or activities, drunken or lewd behavior is prohibited. Such activities may be subject to a fine levied by the Association.


4.   All persons using the Recreational Facilities area do so at their own risk.


5.   Additional rules may be posted in the Recreational Facilities area from time to time by the Association, Managing Agent or resident manager, and Owners and their Guests must conform therewith.


6.   Swimming Pools. There is one (1) swimming pool in the Project. No persons under the age of fourteen (14) may use the adult pool at anytime, unless a parent or guardian accompanies them. The following guidelines will apply.


a.    pool hours are as follows:

Daily— 8:00P.M.


b.    The “buddy system” is recommended for all swimmers at all times. No one should swim alone.


c.    The use of the pool is expressly limited to Owners or Guests. Each Apartment is limited to six (6) Guests total at a time and at no time shall one group monopolize the facilities unless the Owner has made prior arrangements with the Managing Agent for a large function. Our community is for the quiet enjoyment of all Owners or their Guests.


d.    All gate latches, if any, will be latched closed at all times. This is for the safety of all, especially children that may wander into the area without adult supervision.


e.    Absolutely no running, pushing, diving or horseplay around or in the pool will be permitted. This includes “dunking” activities. At no time shall there be any loud noise, disturbance or other activity that creates a nuisance to Owners or Guests.


I’.   No infant, young child or person subject to involuntary natural bodily functions is permitted to use the pools without proper and effective diaper protection.’


g.    Inflatable items, sun-mats, surfboards, styrofoam floats, “boogie boards,” or other large objects of this nature will not be permitted. Only flotation devices for small children (i.e. water wings) shall be permitted.


h.   No person is to enter any pool after application of any tanning or sunscreen preparation without first taking a shower. Please do not use suntan oil prior to entering the pool without first rinsing off first.


i.    Misuse of any pool and patio furniture will not be tolerated. This also applies to life preservers, life-saving hooks and related pool equipment. These items are for safety purposes, not for recreation. Pool furniture, tables, umbrellas and other accessories shall not be removed from the pool.


j.    No glassware of any kind is allowed on the pool deck. Containers of an unbreakable nature will be allowed provided they are disposed of in a proper manner.


k.   Littering in the pool and around the pool areas is not allowed.

      No alcohol of any kind is allowed in the Recreational Facility or the pool deck.


l.    No barbeque, hibachi, or other cooking apparatus, other than those barbeque facilities provided by the Association, shall be used within the pool area. Please make sure to turn-off the gas valves if not in use, and keep these areas clean. Failure to clean barbeques and/or areas is subject to a fine or loss of use.


m.  No pets are allowed in the pool areas at any time, except that visually impaired persons, hearing impaired persons and physically impaired persons shall be allowed to keep certified seeing-eye dogs, certified signal dogs and certified service dogs, respectively, with them at the pool area while utilizing such facilities.


n.   Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller-skates, toys or other wheeled vehicles are not allowed in any of the common areas at any time.


o.   Only persons dressed in standard swimwear are allowed in the pool. Nudity or nude sunbathing in these areas will not be tolerated.


p.   Climbing over the gates and fences in the pool area is prohibited.


q.   Persons with skin disorders, colds, cough or communicable diseases are asked to refrain from pool use due to potential risk of health problems to other individuals.


r     immoral, lewd or indecent conduct in the pool is not permitted.


s.    Portable televisions and radios are not permitted unless used with headphones.


t     The Board of Directors reserve the right to deny use of the pool to anyone at anytime or to waive the applicability of some of the rules herein pursuant to request by the Owner or the Developer for special functions.


u.   The Association is not liable, and does not assume any liability whatsoever, for injury, property damage or any kind of loss arising in connection with the use of the pools facilities. The pools have no lifeguards on duty.


v.   Owners or Guests shall not consume food or drinks while in the pool.


7.   Cabanas, the barbeque area and the multipurpose building may be reserved on a first come first serve basis with the Managing Agent. The Managing Agent shall keep a log of such reservations. Based on demand, the Managing Agent may restrict the use of such areas by a party to a limited number of hours at a time.


8.   Private Party Restrictions, reservations will not be accepted on the following major holidays: