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Here you can find out how others have enjoyed “The Condo at Ko Olina”. Find out what places they went and recommend. What restaurants they did or didn’t enjoy. See what they would do different to make their stay at the condo better the next time. Include such things as places you went, activities you did, places you ate, anything that made your stay enjoyable… or not enjoyable. Please include your name and the dates you stayed.


From: Jeff Page

Date: June 8-15, 2007

This was my first stay at the Condo and what a difference from staying in Waikiki. Instead of waking up to the rowdy's coming home from a night of partying, I woke up to a distant rooster. Even though it was a Hawaiian holiday weekend it still wasn't too crowded at the lagoons (although public parking is very limited). I ate most of my meals at the condo, but did eat at the Zippy's in Kapolei. I was not very impressed with the restaurant area. Maybe the chili bar is better I don't know. Don't know that I will eat there again.


From: Jeff Page

Date: October 23-30, 2007

Another nice stay. I went down to Kolohe's Beach Bar & Grill at Lagoon 3 for the buffet breakfast a couple of mornings. It was a little spendy at $17.95 but was pretty good. And it is always pleasant having breakfast on the beach. I discovered that rush hour traffic in Waipahu/Pearl City can be pretty heavy heading towards Honolulu in the morning and back to Ko Olina in the afternoon. It may be a little slow but it does keep moving so not actually too bad.


From: Jeff Page

Date: February 4-11, 2008

This was Pro Bowl week and while they didn't have as many Pro Bowl related activities as they have in the past it was still a fun week. I saw several NFL players, although none of the Seahawks. And it seems Ko Olina is the place for Seahawks fans. We were abundant in numbers. I found out if you are going to go eat at one of the restaurants or shop at the store you can park in the garage at the Marriott Beach Club and get your ticket validated. They will, however, not be inclined to validate if you are just going to the beach without eating or shopping.


From: Floyd, Sue, Zac, Mac and Emily Baker

Date: February 13-21, 2008

Floyd and I went with the kids and had a great stay! We went to the water park which was fun. It was not too crowded but you do want to get there early to stake out a spot under an umbrella to keep your options open. We also went to Hanauma Bay and got a late start so when we got there the lot was full. Disappointed, we went back to Hawaii Kai and had some lunch and then decided to head back up the east coast toward Sea Life Park. As we drove by we saw that the lot was open and so we pulled in and had a great afternoon snorkeling and catching way too many sun rays. We also discovered that the Flea Market at Aloha Stadium is a great place for cheap souvenirs and if you hit that early it is only like a 5 minute drive to Pearl Harbor. Tip at Pearl Harbor, pick up the tickets for the Arizona first and then get tickets for the Flight Museum and the Missouri. If you like history, the museum and the ship are pretty interesting. We hit Kolohe's a couple of times and one was for the Friday/Saturday night dinner buffet. It was awesome and a good deal even at $30 per adult since you got salad bar, several choices of meats and several yummy dessert options.


From: Jeff Page

Date: February 2-10, 2009

This was again Pro Bowl week. I met a couple of Cowboys, a Viking, an old Charger and two ESPN commentators. They have restarted the Breakfast Buffett on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On the weekdays you can get a breakfast sandwich, fruits, juices, coffee, etc. at the store by Kolohe's. The Cibatta bread breakfast sandwich was actually pretty good. Experienced the hardest rainstorm I have ever been in. It felt as though the raindrops were going to break the windshield of the car. It rained like that for two hours. I was driving through 8 to 10 inches of water on the main street in Kapolei.


From: Jeff Page

Date: June 1-8, 2010

As always a nice stay. The Disney resort is moving right along as is Ko Olina Center. Now open are the ABC Store (called something else but is an ABC store), Hawaiian BBQ cafe, an Ice Cream place, and I heard the Taco joint opened while I was there. The breakfast buffet at Kolohe's is now every day. Open now in Kapolei are Target, Office Max, Subway, Verizon store, Costco and a few other places. Went into Waikiki and had dinner at Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber. Good food, great atmosphere. Very fun time there with my good friends Larry, Lisa, Larry Jr. and Savannah Renas. I ate at the Hawaiian BBQ place at Ko Olina Center, pretty good. You can order single dinners family size dinners or beach picnic meals.